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This is Caitlin & Ricky.

More to come.

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In February Brady and I loaded up our little sedan and hit I-5 South for San Francisco. I had a meeting with one of my wedding couples– so we decided to turn the week into a full-fledged road trip. On our way down we hit snow (surprise!) in Grant’s Pass, and pulled into blanketed Ashland, Oregon at 3 in the morning, teeth chattering, eyes tired, but excited to lay our heads at the quaint Peerless Hotel. The next day we drove through Northern California’s rolling hillsides, our eyes scanning the road for grape fields, pine trees, and coyotes. When we made it to San Francisco our friend Josie opened her townhouse up to us and we explored the city from there. I shot in that beautiful, honeycomb, Cali-light I go ga-ga over, opted for twilight hikes around the city in sandals over the bart, and consumed more delicious food & coffee in a 72-period than I ever thought possible (tartine, flour & water, mission chinese, outerlands, sight glass, four barrel, ect). On our way back to Seattle we hit up Petaluma to stay with our friend’s Jazzmyn and Dennis. Jazzmyn (one of the most talented baker’s on the west coast) had four different kinds of cookies ready for our tummys, including lavender lemon shortbread (melt). We hiked through point reyes, making imprints in the sand with our toes, peering out into fog so thick, the ocean disappeared before our eyes. And then we went home.


I keep coming back to these images. It was a small moment in this grand life. But so supple & telling.

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